"Tournament or free for fun"

Texas Hold 'em is one of the most popular variants of the card game of poker. The purpose of setting up the Texas Hold'em table is to let more novices understand the charm of this game and provide a pure technical communication platform for playing cards. Our friendly moderator would be glad to interpret the rules to anyone new to the game, manage and supervise the game throughout the session. 
Tournament or free for fun?
Enjoy the game with your group by booking a session with us.



Tournament; Free for fun; No CASH GAME

Amount of player: 2 - 9

Duration: unlimited within the opening hours

Moderator assist

Included in Combo Ticket; $25/PP: without beverage & snacks; $30/PP: with beverage & snacks

* Combo Ticket: all of our Lobby games are available, including The Werewolf; Texas Hold'em; VR Games; Board Games ( exclude video-assist board game); Mahjong; Unlimited time; Best of all, you'll enjoy priority service.