“If I'm the prophet, you'll always be good identity."

The werewolf is a perfect party game as it's easily scalable, quick to learn, and different each time you play. The Werewolf is a desktop game that combined language description, analytical ability, and judge ability. The game consists of two camps, werewolves, and villagers (include particular villagers with a superpower); villagers have to vote to execute the werewolves to obtain the final victory. The werewolves have to hide among good people, killing them at night or voting them out of the game to win.



We use a customized rule for this game
Amount of player: 9 - 15

Duration: unlimited within the opening hours

Moderator assist

Included in Combo Ticket; $25/PP: without beverage & snacks; $30/PP: with beverage & snacks

* Combo Ticket: all of our Lobby games are available, including The Werewolf; Texas Hold'em; VR Games; Board Games ( exclude video-assist board game); Mahjong; Unlimited time; Best of all, you'll enjoy priority service.